Friday, 24 May 2013

Writing Killer Content that Speaks to Your Audience

if you want to create a successful blog and business on the internet then you are going to need to write awesome content for your audience. It’s not just about writing content that is of value – it’s also about knowing what your audience wants.
I have multiple web sites and blogs and even though the basic principles are always the same, the content for the sites are not. Let’s take ZacJohnson.com and BloggingTips.com, for example. They are very close in nature, but if I were to always write about WordPress and blogging on ZacJohnson.com then my audience would not find as much value in the content. The same thing can be said for BloggingTips.com if I were to always write about social marketing or how to create pay per click ad campaigns.
The best way to know what your audience is looking for is to determine what types of content on your blog get the most views and comments. Tutorials, reports and case studies are always going to be some of the most successful posts on a blog and this is because people love to learn how to do stuff and see real life results.

What type of content are you creating for your site?

Every day I get asked the same old questions about what types of blogs people should create. The “make money blogging” and “how to blog” niche is extremely saturated. There are many different bloggers who write the same articles and content on how to start a blog and talk about the best WordPress plugins, and it’s a good bet that your traffic doesn’t find any value in these posts. Instead you should be putting a creative twist on your content and provide information on topics and tasks that haven’t been discussed a million times.

How to come up with creative and new content ideas

An excellent way for you to come up with new and attractive ideas for your site is to get active on social networks. There are millions of users in free blogging and internet marketing groups on Facebook and they are all talking about different topics every day. Lots of these discussions are on what’s hot in the industry right now. You can also ask these audiences what type of content they would like to see and have them contribute with their comments and ideas as well.

Keeping your blog following strong

In addition to using Facebook and Twitter for new content ideas, you should also be utilizing these social networks to grow your blog following. Through the use of a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account, you can start to accumulate new followers every day and have your blog updates sent right to their social network feeds. This is a great way to automate the process and expand your reach in the process.

Optimization of your content is key

While optimization of your content is important, you shouldn’t make all of your content around the focus of “how can I make money with this”. Content IS and ALWAYS will be KING, but the makeup of the content is the value that people find in your content. Some of the best blogs in the world have never spent a dime on SEO or advertising and have become what they are today because they focused on creating amazing and killer content. Take the time and effort to create amazing content for your audience and it will continue to work for you for months and years to come.


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