Friday, 24 May 2013

Important Facts of Google+

Everyone active in the Internet world these days may already have accounts in leading websites like Facebook and Twitter. With the Google+ VS. Facebook: The Battle Is Onemergence of Google+, is it worth it to be included in yet another social network site?
Google+ is one of the freshest members in the growing world of social media networks. Its being on trial for 90 days before setting it off live made a lot of active and addict social media users all hyped and excited especially with Google only sending out invitations in limited numbers. If you are still one of those who are completely unaware of what the Google+ is all about, here are 15 of the most important facts you should know about it.
  • It poses a great effect on Google’s search results. This means that the content of those who are in your circles are expected to achieve higher page ranking in your own conducted searches. This works well the same for you too in other s’ circles. Hence, if you need page ranks that are higher, work on building your circles, making sure you settle for those who share the same interests and niche.
  • Did you know that in just about 30 days, Google+ already achieved 26,000,000 users who are all formally registered?
  • If you will have a Google+ account, you will get a chance to enjoy unlimited storage space for your photos in Picasa. But if you will use the photo platform directly, then the maximum space you will only get is 1GB based on the regular type of subscription.
  •  To have a Google+ account can help you make better of your rates through clicks. It includes your branding or your logo right next your name and your profile, as seen in the search results of Google. This is how it can increase your chance of click via rates.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of top leading social network site,Facebook, has joined Google+ too right after the launching. He became the number one user of the site garnering a total of 485,286 followers. Take note, he was not following any single user at all.
  • Google+ has offered an About portion that allows you to include links, pictures and even those which have QR codes.
  • Its Circles permits you to organize your target audience. It is for one the most powerful aspect of Google+. Compared to Facebook, you can choose who in your circles can get to view some of your contents. This is because you can separate your contacts from personal, business, and a lot more.
  • The Google founder, Larry Page, follows Zuckerberg on the list of most friends in circles with 290,601.
  • Google+ is made for those after the Android experience. This also means a lot of more options for your OS choice if Google+ continues to soar high.
  •  Google+ has a killer feature called the Hangouts! This permits you to stay connected with your circles through video chatting which is done in a casual fashion. It is compared to Skype videos, but been presented way cooler than the usual. Other companies are even eyeing it already to use for their own services and perfect to be utilized for webinars, demos and even group brainstorming.
  •  Google+ is also unique since it offers more than two gender options: Male, Female, and the last one is the Others.
  •  Google+ is the sole reason behind the reason and purpose of the presence of those +1 buttons in Google searches which made everyone wonder so much. The real use of the buttons though were only noticed right after the official launch of the site.
  •  It is a perfect tool for making others find your business much easier. This is made possible since Google+ is connected to Google Places. If you have a location based business, then set it up with a Google Place page and have it linked straight to your Google+ page too. This will surely improve your ranking especially among your customers and you can take advantage of it while others are still not into it yet.
  •  Each user at Google+ is only limited to having around 5,000 friends as the maximum limit.
Google+ is very convenient to monitor and track down. This is all due to the help of the presence of Google Analytics which help a lot in measuring the impact that the +1 buttons are making for your online traffic. When you take the time to have a closer look at Google Analytics, you would discover the number of visitors you have engaged and the number of +1s you have received as well along with the particular pages. You can also monitor traffic coming in straight from plus.google.com. 
All these 15 important facts are just some of the many other essential things worth knowing about Google+. It is of real time value since the pages you share are indexed in a more organized way while it also allows you to save all your searches. You use it like some kind of Google Alerts to search through various topics or interest. You also need not worry about your privacy since you have the power to change the default settings of your profile which is set for everyone to see at first.
There are many resources that you can find online these days which can help you get through the wonders of the every aspect of Google+. But to know all these 15 important facts can already serve as a good head start for a beginner like you. It may still be too early to say that Google+ will beat the other giants in the interactive world of social media, but it definitely has the potential to survive in the competitive world of online technology.
All you have to do is register, try it out and analyse yourself its own possible drawbacks and advantages that you and your business can get from it. Who knows with all the help it can render you, right?


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