Wednesday, 5 June 2013

WordPress Multiple Authors Real Method 100 Percent Working Simple Trick

Wordpress Multiple Authors Real Method 100 Percent Working

For those who are using wordpress well here is the trick how you can show multiple authors in google search engines as shown below for same website different authors. The technique is really simple and you will achieve that also if you follow my steps.

ScreenShots: What you will achieve at the end.

The above screenshots are being tested with Google structured data.

okay what you have to do is first make your google plus profile if you don't have.

Now goto your wordpress.com website and add multiple authors and make awesome profiles for them.

In the pages section make a page named about and just paste name of the authors you want to display per post. e-g write your name and make it link to your google profile plus page. 

okay now what you have to do is to download this plugin, it's the only plugin that is reliable and 100 percent working in wordpress others I have checked and they just waste your time.

goto plugins add new search for "Google Author Link ". and download and activate it.

This plugin will do the rest of the code for you just in settings section in home page user profile select the admin account .

now go to your google plus profile (Any Other that is doing posts in Wordpress) and in contributor section give the url of the page about where you have made links to google plus profiles.

Pretty simple wasn't it ?

in order to check it go to Google Structured Data and paste the post link of different authors you will see the picture is displayed with the post as shown in above screen shots.

If you find any difficulty in achieving that leave comment I will help you out.



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