Friday, 24 May 2013

Viralheat brings Social Media Management to Mobile

It is estimated that 920 million smartphones will ship globally this year. That number has steadily climbed year over year as our dependency and fondness for mobile devices grows. These small devices now act as our lifeline to news and information across the globe and keep us up-to-date with our friends’ Facebook statuses and tweets. It is said that the average smartphone user checks social media 20 times per day via their phones. So it’s no wonder Viralheat, a social media marketing suite, released an iPhone app this week that is modelled after their popular web based product.
The app, which can be found in the Apple App Store, allows users to manage multiple social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from anywhere at anytime.
The app includes access to the Viralheat Stream where users can view and engage with social conversations in real time. All the normal engagement actions are offered including: reply, retweet, favorite, comment, like, share, and email content from the stream. Other advanced features available with the Viralheat iPhone App include the ability to schedule posts in advanced, publish across various social media platforms, account analytics, and the option to create and save custom stream views based on user’s preference.
The new app makes staying on top of your social media efforts easy with its user-friendly and on-the-going design.
To learn more about Viralheat’s social media marketing suite, visit their website. And download the free iPhone App through the Apple App Store, available today!


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